Unfortunately, the photo above is most dads after something happens...

Could I have done more?

Could I have prevented it?

What should I do now?


The photo below is my family in the apocalypse. Not really, but we've been in some situations that were close.

This is how I want you to be in an emergency.

The entire family is ready in age-appropriate roles!
Ready to attack the emergency instead of being its victim!
Frilly dresses for all the girls if they want them!

Hey Dads? 

Is your family ready for an emergency?
It could be anything...

Winter storm
Motor vehicle accident
Active shooter
House fire
Zombies (just kidding- kinda!)

But if something happens...

Are they ready to manage it until help arrives?
I want to give you for FREE, a simple guide to family emergencies.

It's an intro to family preparedness that is built on decades of training AND personal experiences.

All you have to do is sign up, and I'll email it right over.
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Dr. David Powers
  • Decorated veteran of the Marine Corps and Army
  • Founding Member of the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security
  • Board Certified in Emergency Crisis Response and Traumatic Stress
  • Father of five feral kids and rocks a fierce red beard