"I'm embarassed another dad had to step in and help my family."

(Just imagine my anguished scream of despair if you've ever felt that.)

It really is embarassing when another dude has to step in and be the man in front of your wife and kids.

I've been there. 
On both sides. 

I've been the embarassed guy.
I've also been the rescuer.

I've also been the dad that stands tall upon the hood of a crashed vehicle with my hands on my hips, my cape fluttering behind me, and a chorus of manly angels singing in the background.

Don't believe me? I don't have to prove myself to you, but, yeah, that's me below carrying a dude out of a downed chopper.

Look, I'm a dad. I KNOW you want to protect your family.

More than anything.

You'd do anything for them...

But there just might be one thing that's slipping.

Are you protecting them from Everyday Emergencies?

Do you know what to do when bad things happen?

That's where I come in.

Sure, I can teach you how to fight zombies and prep your house to live for years in your underground root cellar, but that's not my passion.

It's also not that likely to happen.

My passion is to take a NORMAL dad who works hard, pays the bills, plays with the kids, and has very little time for anything else...

...and transform that dad into a Prepared Dad.

A Prepared Dad deals with...

Broken arms
Car wrecks
Natural disasters
Flat tires
House fires

...and everything else life throws at his family with calm and confidence.

A Prepared Dad is ready to protect his family and keep them safe......BEFORE an emergency happens!

Don't ever again be the dad that says,

"I wish I'd known what to do."

"I'm embarassed another dad had to step in."

"What do I do now?"

The photo below is my family in the apocalypse.

Well, not really, but we've been in some situations that were close (ask me about the time our mini-van blew up on the freeway).

This is how I want you to be in an emergency!

I want your entire family ready and you standing there as the calm in the chaos!

Are you ready for Everyday Emergencies?
It could be anything...

Winter storm
Motor vehicle accident
Active shooter
House fire
Zombies (just kidding- kinda!)

But if something happens...

Are you ready to manage it until help arrives?
I want to give you a FREE simple guide- Do This First to be a Prepared Dad.

It's an intro to basic Dad preps that is built on my decades of training AND personal experience.

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Pop Quiz!

Do you know what to do if you see this at your window?

First off- don't shoot.

It's me, and I'm here to help.

But if it wasn't me, what would you do?

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Meet your expert
Dr. David Powers
  • Decorated veteran of the Marine Corps and Army
  • Founding Member of the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security
  • Board Certified in Emergency Crisis Response and Traumatic Stress
  • Father of five feral kids and rocks a fierce red beard