"learn How I make 
crazy money filming 
30 second videos in my house!"
*Disclaimer- It's not just my house! 
In my car. In my yard. 
In my shower- sorry ladies...from the waist up only!
You could be making the same crazy money i do!
All it takes is a smartphone
I bet you're wondering exactly what I'm talking about...
See that pic on the right? That's only a portion of one afternoon's work.

A couple of hours that earned me over $1,000 and 3x that amount in product.

Look at those time stamps! Almost all under a minute.

UGC videos are User Generated Content. Selfie style commercials that businesses use on social media.

You decide who to work for and when you want to work.

You keep ALL the products companies send you to demo.

NO editing required.

There is nothing gross, creepy, or weird about it. It's not 'those' kind of videos. 

Work from home.

Work around your family's schedule.

Work when you want to!

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