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Need a Rough Estimate?

Time to finally do that exterior remodeling project!

Are you ready to...

  • Put some shade over the patio?
  • Get rid of the bugs and pollen?
  • Find out if it's in your budget?

Enjoy the outside of your home to it's fullest!

Step 1: Take 3 Photos 

Check out the pics on the left for an example.

1. Looking at the project area from the left
2. Looking at the project area from the right.
3. Looking at the project area straight on from the front. 

As an extra help, be sure to also send any reference photos of your ideas.

Step 2: Make a Simple Blueprint Style Drawing

I'm talking real simple. Check mine out for the pics above. 

Be sure to include:
Measurements for length, width, and height.

Round each measurement up to the nearest foot. For example, 106 inches would be 9 feet.

Add any additional measurements you think are important for the project idea.

Nothing fancy.

Step 3: Send Me Your Info

Here's the info I need (Feel free to copy and paste this into your e-mail):

Name, Address, Neighborhood, Phone Number, E-mail

Brief Project Description

Desired Budget

Include any extra info you think is helpful. I'll call or e-mail with any questions.

Here's some sample Project Descriptions:

"We want to install a patio cover over the 10x10 concrete patio in the photo."

"Enclose the screen porch with vinyl windows."

"Turn my patio into a four season sunroom."

Step 4: E-Mail It Over

Send everything to:

With the subject line:

Rough Estimate Specs

Step 5: Done!

Step 5 is all me. 

I'll warm up the computer, sharpen my pencil for the best pricing, and roll into action. 

As soon as the estimate is ready, I'll send it back. 

The Benefits of a Rough Estimate


You'll know right away if the project fits into your budget.


This is an extra effort on our part to maintain social distancing when needed and keep everyone safer. 


I don't want to take up your valuable time when you could be doing other enjoying your patio! 


You can get the estimate and check on financing before we ever come out.


When we do meet at your house, it'll be to talk colors and options rather than prices. 

Our Customer Reviews 

"Could not be more pleased"

The final product was way beyond expectations and the quality is first-rate.

-  Sue Berger

"Compliments from all our neighbors"

The room is awesome!! We sit in it every day.

-  Scott Berkowitz

"Thanks again"

What a pleasure it was to have your crew out here.

-  Donna Clipper


You Can Message or Email us at
How reliable is the price?
Very! Even though it's a rough price, because it's based on photos and accurate measurements, it should be very close.
What happens after the estimate? 
If you like the price, we'll come out for an in person visit to verify measurements and talk about the project at the jobsite.
How do we pay? 
Any way you want! (almost)
Cash, check, credit card, or financing.
We even offer a discount for cash or check payments.
How long have you been in business? 
David Powers started Ocean Breeze way back in 1987.
What about a permit? 
Permits are a nightmare!
That's why we take care of them if they're required.
Will it blow away in a hurricane? 
Everything we do is engineered to meet the code requirement of 130 mph winds.
You can safely keep an eye out for the Wicked Witch to fly by your new sunroom.

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